What is PY LogiTrack?

PY Logitrack is an end-to-end logistic technological solution. It’s various modules provides a systematic managing and tracking of your shipment. It enables safe and secure services for transportation of your shipments, thus PY Logitrack  solutions enhances your supply chain management with varioufunctionalities and optimize your business

Work Process Flow


Track shipments

  • Single platform to track orders with complete details
  • Multiple airway bill tracking mechanism
  • Provides complete trip history
  • Detailed shipper-Consignee-Pickup details
  • Quick download of reports

Reverse Shipments

  • Organised platform to manage return shipments
  • Real time data of the pending shipments
  • Dashboard gives the clear visibility of the aging of the shipments
  • Quick report downloads

Pickup module

  • Pickup can be created by simply registering a pickup
  • By Uploading soft data of manifests shipments
  • Through Shipment Manifest API. Pickup is registered for a set of shipments
  • Pickup line item appears in service centre’s dashboard
  • Service Centre is Chosen based on the pincode of the Pickup
  • Team size is selected based on the load that needs to be picked up

Monitoring dashboard

  • Allows you to monitor shipments w.r.t region, service centre and customers
  • Exact aging(in days) of shipments at different status can be monitored
  • Gives clear picture of the necessary action to be taken against any shipments

Cash Tally

  • Cash tally mechanism will allow you to handle all the cash collected by the customers
  • Cash Tally will help you view all the delivered shipments with collectable value and Actual amount collected
  • Allows you to enter valid denomination of cash collected, bank details etc.
  • Once completed you can generate slip which can be used to submit as a proof.

Reports Generation

  • You can select the desired report you want to download
  • Enter the date range and click on ‘Download’
  • An Excel file will be downloaded
  • File will be downloaded in below format

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