What is PY Logitrack- Warehouse Management?

Managing a warehouse was always a challenging task, with solutions available in the market, we focus on better and sustainable solutions.PY LogiTrack-WMS is a cloud-based platform proving a complete end-to-end management of products in the warehouse. With it’s latest functionalities of maintaining all the incoming, stocking and outgoing products is one of our clients primary choice.

Work Process Flow



  • A systematic platform which allows you to view complete details of orders
  • Enables you to view status of every orders
  • Complete aging details of orders in various different status
  • Helps you optimize your warehouse and what necessary action needs to be taken


  • Efficiently allows the scan shipments that are brought to the warehouse
  • Good receipt note (GRN) is created, to keep track of every shipments
  • Provide a simple platform to scan and include SKUs in the cartoon against specific GRN number
  • Once the SKUs are included, cartoon is closed to complete the inwarding process


  • Efficient management  tool which allows systematic, detailed and traceable stocking of products in warehouse
  • Module allows to stock shipments in the warehouse at desired location
  • This helps to keep track of shipments and their location
  • Update mechanism is provided if shipments needs to be re-stocked

Order Management

  • A simple platform which allows you to manage your orders
  • Allows you to create orders for desired customers
  • Easy and quick completion and confirmation of orders
  • Once order is placed, allows you to check availability of orders in warehouse
  • Enables quick update and modification of orders

Inventory Management

  • Provide complete details of orders available in the warehouse
  • Highlight the orders which are closing re-order mark
  • Helps you to analyse trends of inventory and take necessary actions in order to avoid stock out

Dispatch Orders

  • Provides an efficient platform for picking and packing of orders
  • Allows to assign executives who will be performing actions
  • Packing module includes packing of orders, scanning of shipments to be included in that order
  • After packing, dispatch module allows to create manifest, includes orders and generate invoice

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