What is PY Last mile Delivery Application?

Order got delayed? unable to track? Are some of the factors which reduce customer satisfaction level which lead to loose customers. PY LogiTrack-Mobile LMD provides a quick and simple solution to it. our services not only makes your life easy but also for your customers. This application provides a real-time tracking of customer’s order as well as biker who is delivering that order.

Work Process Flow

Forward Process

Reverse Process


Features for Manager

  • Single platform to track all orders
  • View the list of bikers available
  • Monitor the status of each order along with timestamp
  • View real time route taken by the bikers
  • Easily get the details of bikers

Features for Bikers

  • Single platform to view all orders
  • Easy update of status of orders at different locations
  • View details of customer
  • One touch call facility
  • Navigation to order location for quick delivery
  • Ease of payment collection
  • View total deliveries made by him

Features for Customers

Live Tracking of Orders

Continous update about the orders

Customer can rate as per the satisfaction

One touch call feature to Delivery Person

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