Case study :How we increased their Scalability

Situation Analysis:

  • They was working with an in-house product
  • The product was not able to manage beyond 400 shipments a day.
  • Visibility of the packet movement was poor (non standard visibility procedures)
  • Poor system flows with rudimentary functionalities

The Solution:

  • Designed, build and implemented an Enterprise wide solution
  • Specific modules were provided such as Return, Reverse Pickup, COD Management, Remittance, White Goods Management, Multiple Part Tracking etc.
  • Analytical reports and extract capability were designed


  • Scalability -They were able to scale from 400 to 200,000/- shipments a day (capacity enhancement)
  • Flexibility – Were able to continuously cater to the requests from Customer (multiple part tracking, parent child airway lock, real time monitoring)
  • Better controls – Shipment visibility, monitoring and control were improved
  • Better planning – Load planner, router planning (line-haul and last mile)